From Venus and Other Noises: Joke (1.)

This poem, Joke (1.) is the beginning of a new sequence provisionally entitled Mercurial Articulations. It is part of a larger sequence entitled Opera of which the sequence Venus & Other Noises is part. The Poem was first published in Klatch Magazine, March 2009. To date the work has been read at Klatch, Paul Sutton’s Crossing The Line benefit reading (The Leather Exchange) Openned (March 25th, 2009 reading) and at the Poetry Place (La Langoustine Est Morte, 4th April, 2009). Sophie Robinson wrote a poem/report on my reading of Venus & Other Noises and Joke (1.) entitled Killing Café (for Steve Willey). This particular work has also recently been set to music by the composer Edward Nesbit. The Song is entitled Soundings.

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