Remembering Openned 3 or What happened when Steve Changed Tapes During Sean Bonney’s Reading

Poet Harry Godwin (seen reading here) wrote this poem as a form of documentation of the Openned Night of March 25th 2009. You can read the original at T H E D A I L Y F I L T H a project set up by poet Sophie Robinson. The poem references an incident where by one of the audience members asked the poet Sean Bonney whether the documentation project being carried out by Becky Cremin and Ryan Ormonde was part of his reading. This altercation coincided with my tape running out.


Excuse me sir, is this

young man


Yeah Ma


Is this ERR gentleman

part of your reading


it’s really distracting

what he’s doing

down here


No he’s not part


he’s not

distracting me

you should learn

to be less easily



what are

you doing mate?


…the commons