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SoundEye 2011

Wednesday 13th - Sunday 17th July 2010

Wednesday 13th

  • 5.30 - 7pm: tribute to Paddy Galvin
  • 7.30pm - ? film (organised by Triskel)

Thursday 14th

  • 12 - 1.30pm: David Lloyd, Trevor Joyce, Keith Tuma
  • 3 - 4.30pm: Gerry Loose, John James, Matthew Sweeney
  • 8pm - late: Cabaret

Friday 15th

  • 12 - 1.30pm: Marianne Morris, Posie Rider, Steve Willey
  • 3 - 4.30pm: cris cheek, Randolph Healy, Karen Mac Cormack
  • Cous Cous (venue tbc)

Saturday 16th

  • 12 - 1.30pm: James Cummins, Reitha Pattison, Jow Walton, Rachel Warriner
  • 3 - 4.30pm: Andrea Brady, Justin Katko, Mark Weiss
  • 6 - 7.30pm: Peter Manson, Steve McCaffery, Alice Notley

Sunday 17th

  • 12 - 1.30pm: Fergal Gaynor, Thomas McCarthy, Geoff Squires

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland



Legacies of Modernism: The State of British Poetry Today

Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th June

A bit late to book tickets to Paris now, but this is the website for details of the Legacies of Modernism events.


Conference: Innovation in Irish Poetry

Tuesday 12th July 2011

Conference: Innovation in Irish Poetry

This conference investigates issues surrounding innovation in Irish poetry. Its aim is not only to re-examine the influence that Irish writers have had on 20th Century literature, but also to explore the current status of Irish innovative poetics in the 21st Century.

Some possible areas of interest for papers might include:

  • Cadence in Irish poetry
  • The influence of international poetics on Irish poetry
  • The influence of Irish modernism on British and American writers
  • Irish poetry and the historical avant-garde
  • Constructions of Irish Modernism
  • Irish small presses
  • National identity
  • Religion
  • Post colonialism
  • Emigration
  • Irish poetry’s engagement with critical theory
  • The Irish poetic canon

Papers should be approximately 20 minutes in length. Abstracts should be approximately 300 words in length and should be emailed to no later than Monday 28th March.

University College Cork, Ireland


PennSound - North of Invention: A Canadian Poetry Festival

PennSound has made available videos from North of Invention: A Canadian Poetry Festival, organised by Charles Bernstein and Sarah Dowling, featuring:

  • Christian Bök
  • Nicole Brossard
  • Stephen Collis
  • Jeff Derksen
  • Adeena Karasick
  • M. Nourbese Philip
  • A. Rawlings
  • Lisa Robertson
  • Jordan Scott
  • Fred Wah

Poetry in 1960

Monday 6th December, 11pm GMT (6pm EST)

The Writers House celebrates what happened in poetry a half century ago with a symposium entitled Poetry in 1960. Symposium host and Writers House faculty director Al Filreis brings together eleven poets each to discuss a seminal work from that pivotal year - work by Frank O’Hara, Gwendolyn Brooks, John Cage, Barbara Guest, Larry Eigner, and Jackson Mac Low.


  • Charles Bernstein
  • Rachel Blau DuPlessis
  • Chris Funkhouser
  • Michael S. Hennessey
  • Kristen Gallagher
  • Judith Goldman
  • Erica Kaufman
  • Mel Nichols
  • Bob Perelman
  • Ron Silliman
  • Danny Snelson

Hosted by Al Filreis.

Watch the event live online.

Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, 3805 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Admission is free


SoundEye Schedule

SoundEye has posted a Facebook schedule of events.



Wednesday 14th - Sunday 18th May


  • John Hall
  • Geoffrey Squires
  • Maurice Scully
  • Randolph Healy
  • Derek Beaulieu
  • Chris Goode
  • Abigail Child
  • Rachel Blau DuPlessis
  • Jean Day
  • Eleni Sikelanos
  • Ian Davidson
  • Swantje Lichtenstein
  • Sam Forsythe
  • John Goodby
  • Trevor Joyce
  • Fergal Gaynor
  • Medbh McGuckian
  • Michael O'Loughlin
  • Carla Bertola
  • Alberto Vittachio
  • Mairead Byrne
  • Nat Raha
  • Sara Crangle

The SoundEye festival is held in Cork, Ireland. Details of venues, admission fees and accommodation can be found in due course on the SoundEye website.


post_moot 2010 Liveblogging

Liveblogging from post_moot longly and shortly. Good stuff.



Late notice:

Thursday 1st April

  • 4 – 5pm Michael Kindellan & Fergal Gaynor
  • 5.30 – 6:30pm Chris Goode & Jonny Liron
  • 8 – 9pm Fluxus with Vicky Langan & Paul Hegarty

Plus a cast of tens for Christian Wolff's BURDOCKS.

Admission is free, all are welcome.

Connolly A, Western Road, University College Cork, Ireland (Map)




Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th April

a convocation of unorthodox poetic and cultural practices

featuring an array of cutting edge diversity in respect of poetry and performances of poetry; papers, live writing, poets theater, sound art, talk-based poetics, extended vocal performance, physical theater and digital text collaboration, polylingualism, lyric meditations, translation, poetry readings, writing interventions, sound poetry, visual poetry, eco-poetics, text-based installation, bookateria, late night readings, multimedia and a lot more besides that.

  • Maria Auxiliadora Alvarez
  • Stan Apps
  • Oana Avasilichioaei
  • Mike Basinski
  • Holly Bass
  • John M. Bennett
  • Black Took Collective
  • Sean Bonney
  • Tammy Brown
  • Mairéad Byrne
  • Shá Cage
  • cris cheek
  • Daniel Citro
  • A.M.J. Crawford
  • Jordan Dalton
  • Maria Damon
  • Ian Davidson
  • Ryan Downey
  • Alan Golding
  • K. Lorraine Graham
  • Duriel Harris
  • Carla Harryman
  • Jeff Hilson
  • Jen Hofer
  • Josef Horacek
  • William R. Howe
  • Jade Hudson
  • Christine Hume
  • Peter Jaeger
  • Mark Jeffery
  • Bonnie Jones
  • Pierre Joris
  • KBD Sound Collective
  • Adeena Karasick 
  • Brian Kincaid
  • A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz
  • Jose Luna
  • Dawn Lundy-Martin
  • Mel Nichols
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Chris Mann
  • Monica Mody
  • K. Silem Mohammad
  • Laura Moriarty
  • Judd Morrissey
  • Erin Mouré
  • Jason Nelson
  • Mel Nichols
  • Tom Orange 
  • Jessica Ponto
  • Luke Roberts
  • Jaime Robles
  • Ric Royer
  • Linda Russo
  • Lisa Samuels
  • Standard Schaefer
  • Jonathan Skinner
  • Danny Snelson
  • Todd Seabrook
  • Jessica Smith
  • Rod Smith
  • Kate Sopko
  • Rodrigo Toscano
  • Lawrence Upton
  • Chris Vitiello
  • Catherine Wagner
  • Mark Wallace
  • Dana Ward
  • Barrett Watten
  • Brian Whitener
  • Steve Willey
  • Tyrone Williams
  • Ronaldo Wilson

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

For further information on registration and accommodation point your browser here.

the post _ moot collective are Maria Auxiliadora Alvarez, Tammy Brown, cris cheek, WIlliam R. Howe, Cathy Wagner