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File Moving

Unfortunately our service provider has decided to enforce the 20 MB file size limit policy that up to now has not troubled us. This means that the web addresses for some files on Openned will now change. So if you are linking directly to any of the below files for any reason, please use the new links below. If you've linked to the page the file is featured on rather than the file itself, your links will still work (we recommend linking to pages rather than files because these will never change, unless there's a nuclear war or something). Old links will keep working until the beginning of May.

Apologies for any hassle this may cause.

New links


Calendar Update

We've made a few changes to the Openned Calendar. It's slightly bigger to make room for more events as there seems to be a lot more going on recently (yay). We've also colour-coded events and exhibitions/festivals separately to make it easier to distinguish between them. Finally, there's a new button next to the Week/Month/Agenda tabs at the top of the Calendar which will let you hide the exhibitions/festivals info if you find it's getting in the way too much:

If there's anything else you think would make the Calendar more useful, let us know.


Openned Zine #4

Now available to view in Online > ePubs, featuring:

  • Mackenzie Carignan & Marthe Reed on The Dusie Kollektiv
  • Tony Trehy exploring the possibilities for Text Festival 2011
  • Will Montgomery describing POLYply
  • Posie Rider's guide to poetry in Edinburgh
  • Arabella Currie & Thomas Graham explaining halfcircle
  • Sara Wintz outlining poetry in New York
  • Tom Jenks telling us what zimZalla is
  • Steven Fowler describing the Maintenant series and outlining The Workshop, a new new project on Writers Forum in conjunction with Openned
  • Edmund Hardy reading four lines of poetry
  • Simon Howard describing Department
  • Part 2 of Lara Buckerton's essay on The eBook Nova

Plus regular features:

  • Bird Puke
  • Bookface
  • Logbay
  • @sinclairinruins* (new)
  • Photography: in this issue, Georgie M'Glug, Nat Raha and Sharon Borthwick

Available in full-colour PDF or an easy-to-print black and white version.

*contributed anonymously - thank you to the contributor


Christmas Break

We're taking a couple of weeks off. Will be back on Monday 10th January 2011. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.


A Note

Hi everyone,

A quick note about Openned. We've rejigged the site a bit to make it a bit easier to get around and given it some spit and polish to (hopefully) make it more enjoyable to move around. We've had a few people saying the Calendar and the Reader are their favourite features of the site so now there's a quick links menu in the first column that will take you directly to these pages.

We are closing the Submit page for now - we don't feel we have enough free time to give your work the consideration it deserves. If you have already submitted work we will look over it as soon as we can.

We've also removed the Bookshelf page, it was an experiment that didn't really work, so if you're one of the few people looking for it, it's gone.

No web addresses have changed so if you link to any particular page on Openned or to any work of yours that is on Openned, don't worry, you don't have to change anything.

We hope you like it all verily.

Steve & Alex


Openned Reminder

Openned night tonight at Corsica Studios. Details on the Upcoming page.

Openned Eyes

Openned Eyes is a visual poetry project curated by David-Baptiste Chirot, assembled from 2009 - 2010. It features work by the following visual poets:

  • Dmitry Babenko
  • Guy R. Beining
  • BuZ Blurr
  • Harry Burrus
  • David-Baptiste Chirot
  • JW Curry
  • Liliana Esteban
  • Luc Fierens
  • Tim Gaze
  • Gleb Kolomiets
  • Edward Kulemin
  • Clemente Padin
  • Hilda Paz

Many thanks to David for his time and effort in assembling these works.


Openned Zine #3

Now available to view in Online > ePubs, featuring:

  • Joe Luna and Steve Willey on SoundEye
  • Susana Gardner on the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival
  • Harry Godwin explaining the Cleaves editorial process
  • Linus Slug curating recollections of the Morden Tower reading with contributions from Chris Stephenson, S J Fowler, Stephen Emmerson, Nat Raha, Michael Zand, Gareth Durasow and Antony John
  • Jonny Liron exploring The Situation Room
  • David-Baptiste Chirot's editorial for the forthcoming Openned Eyes online gallery
  • James Davies' thoughts on live streaming readings following his if p then q broadcast
  • Lara Buckerton tackling The eBook Nova
  • Adrian Clarke's primer on And
  • Stephen Emmerson's introduction to blart

Plus regular features:

  • Bookface
  • Bird Puke
  • Logbay
  • Photography: in this issue, Amy De'Ath, Sharon Borthwick, Georgie M'Glug, Nat Raha and Tommy Peeps

Available in full-colour PDF or an easy-to-print black and white version.


Openned Issue (Summer 2010)

The Summer 2010 edition of Openned Issue is now available in Online > ePubs. The Openned Issue is a periodical collection of the best work submitted to Openned. This edition features: 

  • Gareth Durasow
  • Albert Pellicer
  • Nathan Thompson

SoundEye / Openned Press Launch Photos

Available to view now:

Openned Press Launch (photos by Amy De'Ath)

SoundEye (photos by Nat Raha)